your image is our business

Trancendent Films are a full-service creative agency and production company. For over a decade, our team has used experience and knowledge to put our client’s message across in a powerful way with audio-visual content.

From the small business looking for professional web video content to commissions from major brands, we do it all! Television commercials, idents, music videos, infomercials, videos for training, health & safety, new business, marketing, real estate and education. We cater for all formats across all budgets. We even loan our experienced crew to other London production companies.

Here at Transcendent Films, your image is our business.

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brands we work with…

Brands Who Trust Us

Enrico Maria Magli
Enrico Maria Magli Restylers (record label)
Transcendent have made several music videos for our record label in Italy. They have some great professional directors, always creative.

I’m impressed with how hard they work to find and achieve new ideas for scripts and get the best results while shooting and editing. They’re always open to suggestions and always available to discuss every aspect of production.

It is genuinely a great experience to work with their company.

Mike Selvey
Mike Selvey WesternGeco (geophysical services)
I would never hesitate recommending Transcendent Films to any company. We had several corporate videos made by other production companies and were generally disappointed with the overall result.

Fortunately we didn’t come across too many of those before we found Transcendent. Now we would never consider going anywhere else.

Their expertise, ability and end-result for reasonable cost is a tough act to follow by any other production company out there.


 Transcendent are a highly creative team of professionals who are fabulously efficient!  


Katy Ferguson
Katy Ferguson Series Producer - Argonon International (TV production company)
Our production company produces ‘House Hunters International.’ We needed an efficient fixer and location manager in Spain. We called on Transcendent Films (Spain) to provide us with crew to help with our production. I must say, they are amazingly efficient.

They understand the needs of a TV production and most importantly have a superb eye for detail! Always personable, punctual and possess high integrity.

We will be using them again for future international productions.

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tran-scen-dent [tran-sen-duhnt]

tran-scen-dent [tran-sen-duhnt]

– adjective

  1. Surpassing others; going beyond ordinary limits; exceeding.
  2. Lying beyond the ordinary range of perception.
  3. Being beyond the limits of experience and hence unknowable.
  4. Being above and independent of the material universe. Preeminent or supreme.

Put simply, our work ethic is right there in our name. “Quality” is a word our directors, sound engineers, writers and voice talent love to embrace. We set ourselves standards that exceed the expectations of our clients through the production of outstanding, creative, audio-visual work.

You want the best and we understand that. If you want your project to go ‘beyond ordinary limits,’ to impress and stand out from the crowd, we can help you. Our name and thus our reputation is built upon it.

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