Some of our recent work...

Katherine Jenkins - A Flower (November 2011)

Director: Kris Koster
Production Company: Transcendent Films
Music Label: Warner Bros. Records

Clip for Warner Bros. Records and Katherine Jenkins. The clip was broadcast on BBC2 on 13th November 2011 (Remembrance Sunday).



Renoir - Sky (August 2011)

Director: Kris Koster
Production Company: Transcendent Films
Music Label: Time Records

Time records commissioned us again for a second time to produce a clip for one of their hot new artists, 'Renoir.' This is a cover version of the popular song originally written by Sonique called, 'Sky.' The video was shot in Spain.



Molella & Supafly Inc. - X-Rated (May 2011)

Director: Kris Koster
Production Company: Transcendent Films
Music Label: Time Records

Italian music label, Time, commissioned Kris Koster to produce a clip for this superb Dance track, 'X-Rated'. Featuring popular UK Dance duo Supafly Inc. (currently touring Russia) and huge Italian DJs Molella featurng Jerma. Our supermodel is Micha Thyge.



Duran Duran - Before the Rain (March 2011)

Director: Kris Koster
Production Company: Transcendent Films

Huge production here for Duran Duran's last track from their new album, 'All You Need Is Now.' The track is entitled, 'Before the Rain', and was shot in March 2011. Large list of credits, but stars the long-running UK TV ad star, Oxo family man, Michael Redfern.



Aaron Wright - I'll Be Fine (March 2011)

Music promo for Aaron Wright's new single, 'I'll Be Fine.' by Transcendent.



David Lynch - Good Day Today (January 2011)

Director: Kris Koster
Agency: Grey (London)

Music promo for David Lynch's new single, 'Good Day Today', shot in January 2011.



Cartagena in the Autumn, client: Tourist Board (October 2010)

Filmed and edited by: Kris Koster

Short piece highlighting the beauty of Cartagena city in the Murcia region of Spain..



Speak Out Awareness 2010, client: Met Police Service (August 2010)

Director: Kris Koster
Agency: Grey (London)

Met police commissioned a series of four 'shock' commercials aimed at making young drivers aware that fast speeds can affect lives permanently. The campaign was tendered to ad agency "Grey" (London), but each commercial in the series is shot by a different director.



Dead Awake 2010, client: Ridley Scott Associates (August 2010)

Written & Directed by: Kris Koster
Camera Assistant: Arturo Vilar
Sound Recordist: Martin Clark

Starring: Michael Redfern, Joanne Venet
With: Tom Weston, Stefan Bramsall, Ann Jones, Warren Lewis, Rebecca Vaughan,

Edited & VFX by Kris Koster

A short 3-minute film for Ridley Scott Associates to help promote the Philips 21:9 Cinematic Televisions. This film formed part of a contest for international filmmakers who had to use the same six lines of dialogue, and only those exact lines, within a 3-minute short feature.

Some 310+ entries from filmmakers the world over have entered. The winning film will join the five promotional films already made by RSA directors and commissioned by Philips. You can find out more about the competition and view other entries, including the five promotional films here:

Philips Cinema 21:9 Contest on YouTube

Shot exclusively on a Canon 5D Mark II with various prime lenses.

Created in seven days. August 2010.



Coca Cola Commercial 2010, client: Coca Cola Corporation (June 2010)
Directed by: Kris Koster

A low budget Coca Cola commecial serviced toward online advertising campaigns and used to target teenagers. 00:30 version.

"Several teens arrive at the end of their hike in beautiful mountainous surroundings. One teen helps another out by lending him a lift up a rock face when he stumbles.The 'helped' teen then rewards his kindness by handing him the first Coke out of the cooler bag for a truly uplifting experience. The teens then all sit around, drinking Coke and enjoying a happy moment at the summit."

Shot in June 2010.



Extended Video Ad 2010, client: Rental & Sales Centre (June 2010)
Written by: Kris Koster
Motion Graphics: Kris Koster

Our standard, extended video ad product. Usually, 30 seconds is enough for a video ad on a web page but this client preferred the two-minute pitch we gave him.

A video ad is a perfect shop window front for your website. Research has shown that sales enquries rise by 250% on average for a website that has a professionally made video ad. A small expense indeed for a potentially huge gain.

A 30 seconds video ad similar to this will cost you 390 Euros which includes brainstorming session, script writing, all motion graphics, professional voice over artist and soundtrack licence). You can see examples of our video ads on the gallery page.

Cost: Our rate is approximately 390 Euros per 30 seconds of motion graphics work dependent on what your requirements are. A two-minute extended video ad like this one works out in the region of 1,490 Euros.



Fate, client: Canon USA & Vimeo (May 2010)
Written & Directed by: Kris Koster
Cinematographer: Chris Parker
Camera Operator: Martin Clark
1st Assistant Camera: Arturo Vilar
2nd Assistant Camera: Trevor Jones
Script Supervisor: Ann Jones
Original Score: Andy Price & Richard Saville
Additional Music: Stanislav Tretyakov (Talemore)
Sound Engineer: Warren Pereira
Artist (Billboard): Kathleen Benton
3D Motion FX: Primal Screen
Editor: Kris Koster

This recent work by Transcendent Films is a short film submitted to an online film contest for filmmakers. It forms Chapter 4 in 'The Story Behind The Still' - A contest sponsored by Vimeo & Canon USA

To understand this chapter, you will need to watch chapters one, two and three - All of which can be found here.

Stars James McNeill.

You can view the production script for this film here.

Exclusively filmed on the Canon XH A1 with Letus Elite and various prime lenses

Cost: This production was a 3-day shoot in several locations.The overall cost of this film was in the region of 2500 Euro. This was a very tight budget.



The Mob, client: Canon USA & Vimeo (February 2010)
Written & Directed by: Kris Koster
Director of Photography: Vincent De Paula
Camera Assistant: Sean Cronin
Sound Recordist: Kenneth Elliott
Focus Puller: Arturo Vilar
Gaffer: Chris Parker
Chaperone: Chris Tallowin
Post Production Sound: Kris Koster
Still Photographer: Keith Nichol
Script Supervisor: Ann Jones
Clapper Loader: Trevor Jones
Catering: Lisa & Nichole
Location Scouts: Vicky Stringer & Keith Nichol
Music Score by: Kevin MacLeod
Editor: Kris Koster

This recent work by Transcendent Films is a short film submitted to an online film contest for filmmakers. It forms Chapter 2 in 'The Story Behind The Still' - A contest sponsored by Vimeo & Canon USA

To understand this chapter, you will need to watch chapter one which is here.
This short film is only chapter two of a seven part film. The competition would continue with contestants taking the final still image of this film and using it as the first few seconds of chapter 3.

"Arriving back to their warehouse after a long flight, a sinister band of men discover they are no longer in possession of an important key to open their cargo. However, their mysterious leader happens to know someone who can help. Whoever it is will need an ancient book to assist them..."

Starring: Michael Redfern, Ricky Valance, Sean Cronin

You can view the production script for this film here.

To understand more about this competition from our perspective and for a nice & easy view of all the winners so far, you can go here.

Shot mostly on the RED One with various prime lenses
Some shots on a Canon XH A1 with Letus Extreme

Cost: This production was a 2-day shoot in several locations. It was a tight budget of just 785 Euros.



Health & Wellness Tourism, client: Tres Coronas (December 2009)
Director of Photography: Stephen Murphy
Presenter: Angela Norris
Camera Assistant: Andy Alderslade
Sound Recordist: Kenneth Elliott
Producer: Trevor Jones
Gaffer: Arturo Vilar
Editor: Keith Daniels
Script Supervisor: Ann Jones
Production Assistant: Vicky Stringer

Tres Coronas forms a group of health and wellness facilities here on the Costa Blanca and keen to attract new patients to their excellent practice. Owner Stefan Bramsel approached producer Trevor Jones with a view to making a DVD film that would accompany their marketing pack. The marketing campaign being directed toward new clients intending to save on health and wellness treatment by travelling abroad to the warm Spanish sun. Treatment here typically costs a lot less than the UK and Ireland.

The brief was to create a ten minute video that not only shows off their facilities, but also to introduce the area and some of the beautiful locations that also promoted a healthy lifestyle. The client wanted a more traditional, filmic look to the video which would set it apart from standard corporate videos.

Award winning cinematographer Stephen Murphy was drafted in to take control of lighting and photography. The production team created a film that left the client delighted and exceeding his expectations.

Cost: This production was a 3-day shoot both on-site at the client's facility and set-ups at several locations. Transcendent Films took care of copy proofing, script writes, permits for airport and shopping centre, production, foley & editing to DVD author. Also included professional director and cinematographer attached to the project. We came in on budget at just 6.730 Euros. Now that's a bargain!



Cuétara - "Nutritional Paradise", client: Cuétara (October 2009)
Producers: Janet Horrocks, Tony Westbrook
Directors: Kris Koster & Sam Tapley
Visual Effects: Black Magic

Cuétara is a well-known, prestigious name in biscuit manufacturing in Spain, Central America and around the world. Since its beginnings in 1935, it has held a strong position on all markets, standing out for its technology, production, product range, distribution and taste, the secret to its success.

The Cuétara brand is synonymous with an excellent food product that stands out for its energy and nutritional value. All its products provide energy and health for both children and older people, thanks to the variety and fullness of the basic natural ingredients which characterise the brand.

Indeed, this is the brief for this larger budget commercial. In fact, it illustrates a good comparison to make with ads such as the one below that had next to no budget.

When there is a realtively good budget attached to a project, it is possible to hire the relevant crew, studios and visual effects team to engineer a commercial bound for national television.

The video above demonstrates the workflow of production footage toward the vast amount of post-production work engineered into the project.

Contact us about high-end TV commercial production.

Cost: Undisclosed



English Butchers, client: Viva TV (May 2009)
Talent: Casa Ventura Dance Academy

Los Dolses English Butchers was achieved on a shoe-string budget. The reason we are show-casing this advert is due to the impact this ad had on the community and the resulting success of the campaign that was further extended to radio and news print.

Advertising companies spend many thousands, sometimes hundreds of thousands on ad campaign production. This advert was made for 98 Euros (The ad was a 'freebie' for a local English-speaking television channel to drum up some business).

But like any commercial, there was a real business to promote and a solid message to get across. The brief was for a 20-second commercial with impact to promote a local butcher's trade. The client required that the ad must show that he makes traditional sausages in the shop the old-fashioned way, that he sells other meats too and that he sells them to restaurants in addition to the public.

Once the brief and the message were identified, the task of transforming that into a 20-second visual message began. Key words such as 'tradition' with 'English' and 'old-fashioned' ... How could these be tied into sausage meat? These words made our creative team think of another timely British classic - Oliver! Fagin's motley crew even use sausages in the 'Pick a Pocket' number. And why pick a pocket when you can pick a sausage... or two?

The classic Oliver number became a perfect match for this ad campaign. A quick change of words and all that was needed were a few auditions and contacting a local dance school who desired an on-screen presence.

It was a challenge to create something on such a low budget. Everyone who worked on it gave their time freely and cheerfully which shows in the resulting production. The client and the TV channel were delighted with the result which had schoolkids across the Costa Blanca humming it for weeks!

But the story doesn't end there. The concept, tag lines, soundtrack and lyrics had such a phenomenal response and impact, the client adopted the marketing strategy and replicated it over to local radio. His business is now four times more lucrative than in the same period last year.

We have over 11 years in the UK ad-making industry. What's important to remember is that concept is everything. Only the very experienced are in-tune with what the public want and like to see and can come up with the right concept that will win business for you.

Contact us now so that we can start working new business for you.

Cost: 98 Euros (begged and borrowed equipment and talent)