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– adjective

  1. Surpassing others; going beyond ordinary limits; exceeding.
  2. Lying beyond the ordinary range of perception.
  3. Being beyond the limits of experience and hence unknowable.
  4. Being above and independent of the material universe. Preeminent or supreme.

Put simply, our work ethic is right there in our name. “Quality” is a word our directors, sound engineers, writers and voice talent love to embrace. We set ourselves standards that exceed the expectations of our clients through the production of outstanding, creative, audio-visual work.

You want the best and we understand that. If you want your project to go ‘beyond ordinary limits,’ to impress and stand out from the crowd, we can help you. Our name and thus our reputation is built upon it.

 W e are proud to be one of the leading film & video production companies in the South of England. We are specialists in affordable, professional corporate film and web video, but we also produce broadcast VT and ENG for television. Our Gatwick head office is just 30-minutes away from the hub of Central London. Transcendent Films works with top writers, performers and program-makers to produce all aspects of film, television and video production. Transcendent Films has sub-offices in Alicante, Spain (Costa Blanca) and Atlanta, Georgia (USA).

The revolution of the internet has brought much in the way of opportunity for businesses communicating their profile to customers. The image your company presents to your clients is such an important one, it absolutely cannot fail to create the best impression possible.

It’s true what they say – “Image is everything.” A professionally produced corporate video is now a ‘must have’ in the modern World. It enables your business to get the most powerful message across to the client. It is a connection that can make all the difference between a potential client passing you by in favour of another, more professional looking outfit.

Transcendent Films will get your message across in a powerful and consistent way.

Whatever your intended message, we cater for all formats. We cater for all budgets, large and small. Most of our corporate work consists of company ‘infomercials’, corporate health & safety videos, new business / marketing, web video, real estate, educational videos, showcases, training videos, television commercials, idents and so on. We also cover all aspects of production, from concept and script writing, all the way through to DVD master authoring. We also offer local broadcast engineering for UK national television companies (with presenters if required).

Quality varies a lot between production companies but we have the experience and professional crew to ensure your project is a well-received success. In fact we guarantee it. We work with small companies and big name brands. Whatever your project, let us work with you today.  Please have a look at our client testimonials and extensive portfolio on this website and then contact us for your free consultation.

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