Talking Heads & Testimonials

Talking Heads” as we call them in the industry, are the easiest form of live video to produce and next to our ‘Video Short’ product, the most inexpensive. ‘Client Testimonial‘ videos also fall into this category. These types of video have their pros and cons, so we will list them here:


The pros:

  • Inexpensive way to commission professional-looking video content for your website.
  • Convenient for busy sales directors, CEOs or clients to quickly deliver over message.
  • Location-friendly, could be produced anywhere for convenience.
  • Puts a real face behind your brand and corporate image.
  • Great for CEOs wishing to impart an important message in-house to employees.


Some cons though:

  • Unless ‘b-roll’ is used to reinforce message, can look dull, flat and/or boring.
  • A person talking on camera can lose attention within 30-seconds.
  • Amateur speakers struggle to provide interesting content or camera presence.
  • The visual of a talking head (alone) is not usually an effective method to translate an audio message.


Content in any video is of prime importance. Although our basic talking head product is professional looking and sounds great, you could spend a little more to spice it up with some ‘b-roll’ footage which will re-enforce the message being delivered. In other words, your narrative may contain some interesting points, but unless our brains can ‘see’ what is being discussed, it’s harder for a viewer to translate and digest the message from a talking head alone.


Making a Talking Head more Compelling

Here at Transcendent Films, we introduce various techniques to make our ‘talking head’ video products more engaging.

  • Even in our most basic product, we employ at least two framed shots or angles to dispel monotony (eg. a close-up and medium shot).
  • We often help with the script so that if you need a teleprompter, it won’t look like you’re reading from it.
  • The first 10-seconds are the most crucial. We ensure your most important message is front-loaded. Try to grab the viewer from the outset!
  • Like any good story, a dangling carrot should encourage them to reach the end.
  • We use low-key (perfectly balanced), background music which is licensed and royalty-free. It will fit the mood of your video and improve its aesthetic appeal.
  • We use (but don’t overuse) graphics, titles, other composite FX such as bubble speech text to reinforce important points.
  • Our experienced and encouraging crew helpfully prep your speaker prior to going on camera. We help them to feel comfortable and roll as many times as necessary!

Have a look at some of our clients examples below to help you to experience the sound and image quality: