TV Commercials

TV Commercial Production

Advertising on TV is still the most inexpensive way to reach the most people. We think that television advertising is also crucial to building a brand identity and achieving good brand recognition in the marketplace. So, who is your TV commercial production partner?

At Transcendent, TV commercial production takes the front seat on many ad campaigns. However, before we begin production on the TV ads, we do some research to find out what the competition is up to, what industry trends are and most of all, what the target market wants to hear. Armed with this information, we consistently create television advertising that hits the mark. Advertising agencies also pass on some of their projects to us.

Our veteran TV commercial production team is hand picked for each individual assignment. From the director to the grips, we have access to the best talent. Speaking of talent, a TV ad always requires the right actor or actress to sell. We have relationships with the modeling industry that make finding the right face for advertising on television easy. If your company advertises on TV or is in need of TV commercial production services, please contact a personal account executive.


Television is the one medium you just can not afford, right? Well not really. Consider this: producing a good commercial for local cable TV can cost as little as £7,000. You can reach 70,000 homes, 25 times a week on your choice of TNT, Discovery, CNN, A&E, MTV, USA or Lifetime. The cost for four weeks is approximately £2,000. With local cable, you spend just 13 pence per person per month to reach 70,000 potential customers. If you make a brochure, it will probably cost between £1 and £4 for each copy, and you still have to mail it out! How can you afford not to utilise this medium to market and sell your consumer-based product?


Online Commercials

Online advertising is becoming increasingly popular. With Facebook, YouTube and other social media outlets frequented by an ever-increasing number of  your customers, how can you not afford not to be online with a beautiful, professionally produced video? If the cost of TV slots is outside your budget for now, online spots are a close second. They are also super for SEO. Transcendent Films will expertly produce your online commercial spots. Have a look below at some of our recent work: