Video SEO

The revolution of the internet has brought much in the way of opportunity for businesses communicating their profile to customers. The image your company presents to your clients is such an important one, it absolutely cannot fail to create the best impression possible.

So too, the position or ranking of your website on major search engines such as Google can play a pivotal role toward the success of your business. “SEO” has become the all-important buzz-word with email boxes awash with firms who offer it as a paid-service. But is there anything you can do to as a company to improve your page rank on Google without expensive, on-going SEO services? Actually there is. Video SEO!


Getting to the top

The biggest search engine out there is, of course, Google which impresses upon its own patented technologies and complex formulas to rate websites. One such feature is “Universal Search” and “Blended Results” technologies. The way it works is to provide results that contain a variety of different content types. What this means is that websites with its own bespoke video content can ‘push in front’ of other, higher ranking, primarily text-based websites. In fact a study has demonstrated that videos are 50 times more likely to appear on page 1 of search results because of its Universal Search and Blended Results features.

Have a look for yourself. Search on some key terms and you will see Google throw up video content relating to those terms on the first page. If those websites that host that video content had not included it on their site, who knows what their page ranking would have been? Certainly not on page one. Page 30 perhaps?

It may not guarantee you first page results, but it is hugely beneficial to have it. You can upload your video content to YouTube (in which case Google will link the search result direct to your YouTube page or, more beneficially, use the embed feature to embed it on your website.

Does it matter what your video is about? Actually, not really – As long as it’s of interest to a larger group of people. Obviously it works in your interests to have the video connected in some way to your business, but the idea is to make a video that would be interesting and entertaining to watch, as you will see from the example videos for our clients below. It is then you will see that video SEO truly works!


A good book deserves a great title

The same is true of your video! The single most important thing you can do is give your video a great title as it will largely influence how it is ranked in search results. This is because search engines don’t watch videos and can’t index on the content alone. They use its title and other text-based information (such as the description tag) to understand what it’s all about.

When thinking up a title, it’s beneficial to use long tail keywords as it will enhance your ranking higher than opting for competitive and commonly based generic keywords. For example, “How to get better exam results” is superior to “better exam results” – People are more likely to search on the first keyword phrase than the latter.

Provide a transcript and introduction

As we’ve said, search engines can’t watch videos and don’t index on them alone. Besides giving it that all-important title, it’s worth including a transcript of your professional corporate video on the same page where you embed it. This will assist Google and other search engines to gauge a better understanding of its content. This transcript should follow after the video’s placement on the web page. It’s also helpful to provide an introduction to the video which should appear before the embedded video. Transcendent Films offer this service for a small additional fee.


Video sitemaps

You should also include a video sitemap. As we’ve mentioned previously, Google and other search engines need to determine what your video is about so it will read any introduction and transcript in order to learn this. But you can do better than this with a video sitemap.  In fact, Google provides you with the web tools to do it (with all instructions) here: How to create a video sitemap.

You can also gain access to Google’s Webmaster tools including video sitemap by setting up a new channel in YouTube (think of a good Channel Name that relates to your business) and then verifying your website to connect it officially with the Channel. Whilst this alone doesn’t improve SEO or Page Rank, it will allow you to access Google’s tools and by tweaking them, can make vast differences to how your pages are indexed by Google.

If you’re a little overwhelmed by this information, or don’t want to do it yourself, Transcendent offers these services too for a small additional fee.

Video Backlinks

Finally, to improve SEO and your page ranking, we suggest you take some time to grow back links and authority links to your website and video. This can take time and energy, but it’s worth it. You can also pay other people to do it for you. Backlinks is really outside the scope of this article, but it is so important we thought it wise to mention it. To find out more information, we highly recommend a visit to this page: 10 Golden rules to attracting Authority Links


Video SEO case study:  eBay International

If, after reading the above information, you are still not convinced that video SEO can significantly improve your page rankings, perhaps you should look at some examples of video SEO in action. One of our major clients, eBay International, last year commissioned us to produce hundreds of helpful ‘How To…’ and ‘Buying Guide’ videos. These videos bear no real significance to eBay other than the fact they are helpful tips that people often search for information on. But because they live on the eBay YouTube channel and have the eBay logos on them, when people search for information they seek, they are exposed to the eBay brand name. It’s clever marketing. Video SEO is something you can learn from the corporate giants.